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Welcome to Focus Online. We specialize in participant recruiting and project management services for the marketing research industry. 

As a focus group participant with FocusOnline, you get paid to share your opinions and thoughts for a wide range client projects.

Why Join FocusOnline

  • FREE to Join, you will never be charged any fees.
  • Earn cash US $10 to $175 or more for every online survey you complete.  Get paid cash via Paypal or bank deposit
  • Provide feedback that drives the direction of IT research and consumer product development.
  • Your personal information will remain confidential. You will not receive any spam from joining FocusOnlineknow more benefits 
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How to Join

Follow the below steps to Join us as a respondent :

Visit the Sign Up page and Select a panel  (IT Panel or Consumer Panel)
Participate for an Ongoing Study and Fill a short questionnaire.
Fill a Joining Form for Register as a respondent  
Get paid for your time and opinions after successfully Joining.

Focus Online Incorporation, NY